I mostly write flash fiction, short stories, and short screenplays because that’s the way my mind tends to work, quick and fast. I enjoy fantasy, suspense, and all elements that lean towards the supernatural, or just plain quirky, so that’s what I tend to write. I can’t help myself.

Even a serious story about a man dealing with the sudden death of his wife turns into the whimsical tale of a storefront mannequin that’s stored in the attic suddenly singing one night.   Her voice comforts him, and they communicate as friends — he’s no longer lonely and doesn’t need the medication for depression; until she becomes restless and he becomes possessive.

I began writing a serial novel off and on for…oh, gee, has it been over nine years? That’s only because I’ve taken on several other projects, including a three-year art intern program. I really haven’t been back to it  since completing the first draft of part 1 and part 2 in 2011.  I’ve been rethinking it, keeping notes, had a youth read it and give me her notes, and making a really-not-an-outline outline so that I could return to it.

It’s been on hold for another two years, and now I feel a relentless urge to return to it.

However, not as  novel, but as a choice narrative game.

Yep, I’m going to write another game to be published under Hosted Games at <a href=”http://choiceofgames.com>Choice Of Games, LLC </a>.

I’ll post chapters without coding as I write them here. I do hope you enjoy reading and tell me what you think by commenting.

Christy Waites

AKA, The FantaSim