I love to put my own art in my environment, give them away for special gifts, but I most love selling my pieces and crafts.

The newest creation I’ve been selling through my company, The FantaSim Arts Production, are greeting cards called, In Your Own Words.  

With an In Your Own Words card, you receive an original designed card for a variety of occasions that is blank on the inside. That’s right! You’re not stuck with anything I come up with! You can write your own short appropriate message or a complete letter if you desire.

You can buy one card or a set of different cards. Each card or set comes with essentials for writing, little seasonal gifts, and anything else I want to share with you. All for one base price (1 card = $5.00, 3 cards = $12.00, 5 cards = $25.00, 10 cards = $35.00 )


UPDATE: I originally planned to sell the In Your Own Words   subscription box on Amazon, but was not approved due to doing the creating and mailing the subscriptioneator of the cards. That won’t stop me from getting them to you!