Sistergirl's Other Sim Skins-Characters Created For The Sims by L.C. Waites (aka Sistergirl)
Original Characters For The PC Game, The Sims (copyright 2001-2022)

When I stop to think about it, I’ve been a story teller who wanted to illustrate her own tales all of my life; but it didn’t start with books, it started with comics.

Before I was reading the comics in the newspaper, I was reading my older brother’s small collection of super hero comic books. That’s when I fell in love聽 with Aquaman, Thor, the Avengers, and of course, Superman. Before long I’m buying Archie comics and trying to grab the daily paper before anyone else to read Blondie, Hi and Lois, Little Orphan Annie, Henry, Frank and Ernest, and so many more.

Due to those talented artists, jokesters, and chapter story writers, for a longest time, I wanted to be a comic book writer telling the story of my own art. I would practice drawing all of the time, creating my own characters, drawing them in different directions with different expressions on their faces.

Then I grew up, life twirled me around in different directions for a long time, and my dream of writing and illustrating comics never happened. Still, I did become an artist and I’ve never stopped writing.

Now retired from the day-to-day grind, I’ve turned to writing screenplays full-time.聽 After all, writing for the large screen or for television is just another way of telling stories. I do like telling stories. In fact, many of my stories for the screen originally came from my flash stories, short stories, and my long short stories.

What am I doing with all of this? Everything and anything, including returning my words to the web to share with all who’ve been interested in reading stories. Now I’m finally integrating the stories on a web home for my digital art that can be聽 download for free and trinkets blessed with my art that can be bought at a reasonable price.

I’ll have The FantaSim Arts section of this website ready in the upcoming weeks. You can find links to short stories or excerpts from screenplays, the interactive game, and long-short stories,聽 from the Pages menu.

Happy visiting!

Christy Waites

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